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Computer Pornography

Arthur Cortez is The Chase Law Group's Chief Case Manger.

Mr. Cortez has over 15 years of executive legal management experience holding positions of Chief Operating Officer, Director of Client Services, Director of Marketing and combinations thereof with medium to large law firms in California. This experience has provided him with knowledge in law firm administration, finance, client services, human resources, marketing, and technology.

Mr. Cortez believes that upper management must be accessible to be successful. Many clients are surprised how easily they can reach Mr. Cortez. Even as the Chief Case Manger, he still remains personally involved in all of our cases to help maintain the quality of the firm.

Mr. Cortezunderstands that the criminal process can be complex and overwhelming. While The Chase Law Group aggressively fights for our clients rights, Mr. Cortez ensures that there are always clear lines of communication between clients, the attorneys and their families.

Arthur Cortez can be reached at (800) 459-2500.

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