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How We Are Different

We are a BETTER kind of law firm.

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The "Business As Usual" Model
  • Assign a single attorney to each case
  • Rely only on local resources for local cases
  • Be a "general practitioner" in order to get enough cases to pay the bills

Most defense firms are small boutique shops that assign a single attorney to each case. While most attorneys work hard to protect the interest of their clients, this philosophy has serious problems.

Most attorneys must keep a rather large case load to stay in business. If your defense team consists of a single attorney, what happens when you need help at a time when your attorney is out of the office or busy on another case?

Second, no one attorney can possibly be an expert in every type of criminal charge. Even worse, some attorneys split their time across multiple areas of practice because there is not enough criminal defense work to support their business.

The bottom line is that the traditional way of doing business may be profitable for lawyers but it is not always in the best interest of clients.

The Chase Law Group Model
  • Assemble a Legal TEAM for each case
  • Use the best resources from across the country
  • Match clients with experts who specialize in their type of case

We assemble a complete team for every case. Even a small case that can be handled by a single attorney is backed by 24 hour per day case management, a network of support staff and a brain trust of expertise that your attorney can tap into for assistance.

Each of our clients has at their disposal hundreds of defense attorneys with different areas of expertise, top trial attorneys, criminologists, investigators, researchers, paralegals and other support staff.

Our firm philosophy ensures that we are responsive to your needs at a moment's notice, and we have the specialists at our disposal that are needed for the best possible defense.

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WARNING: Law Firms vs. Referral Services

Many law firms that advertise on the Internet are really referral services that accept marketing fees from lawyers around the country to be advertised on their web site. In some cases, those law firms are really marketing operations that take your money and then subcontract your case to the lowest bidder while taking no real responsibility for your case.

The Chase Law Group is a real law firm, not a referral service. We take full legal responsibility for every one of our cases. When you retain the services of The Chase Law Group, you get The Chase Law Group.

We take pride in the results we have delivered for our clients and in our excellent ratings by the Better Business Bureau and state bar associations.

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