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The act of giving or taking money or some other valuable item in order to influence a public official (any governmental employee) in the performance of his/her duties. The definition has been expanded to also include bribes given to corporate officials to obtain contracts or other advantages which are against corporate policy.

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Bribery Defense Considerations

Criminal charges of bribery can cover a broad spectrum of actions, including:

  • Paying to get government contracts
  • Offering kickbacks or royalties of any type to government officials
  • Giving a bottle of liquor to a building inspector to ignore a violation
  • Selling stock or other items at a below market rate

In general, any action that involves "wining and dining" or giving of gifts in hopes of obtaining business benefits or preferential treatment may be considered bribery. In many cases, it is not the action itself that constitutes a crime but rather your intentions.

The broad scope of activities that can be perceived as bribery make this an increasingly common criminal charge. It is also a charge that has significant opportunities for an effective defense when the right strategies are used.

Bribery charges are most commonly made in the criminal court system, but they can also result in civil court actions. It is critical that the defense team used has specific experience defending bribery charges and also in working within the civil court system. Our objective is not only defend you against the bribery charges but also to prevent the possibility of other related criminal charges from being filed and successfully prosecuted.

There are good remedies for a criminal charge of bribery. Call The Chase Law Group at (800) 209-4331 to discuss your particular case. The earlier you get defense counsel involved, the better your chance for a successful outcome. If you even suspect that you may be under investigation for bribery, obtaining defense early can often result in charges not being filed.

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