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Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud often, but not always, involves the bank directly. The most common kind of credit card fraud is the illegal counterfeiting of credit cards. Sometimes defendants use desktop computer systems to produce realistic-looking credit cards with holograms and functioning magnetic strips.

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Credit Card Fraud Defense Considerations

Lost or stolen credit cards constitute another common fraudulent use and bring many defendants before the law.

Some people obtain credit cards fraudulently through the mail, either by illegally obtaining confidential information gleaned from other peoples' mailboxes, or recovering cards or credit card applications from the trash.

The Internet has also become a part of credit card fraud, as lists of stolen credit card numbers are posted or sold in newsgroups and are sometimes used to purchase goods online.

Ft. Lauderdale: November, 1997, a former graduate student was sentenced in the Southern District of Florida on wire fraud charges to four months' home detention, for a scheme in which he obtained the names of multiple students from a local university and fraudulently applied for 174 credit cards via the Internet. Because of the quick investigative work by the Postal Inspection Service, no losses were incurred.Wilmington, Delaware: 2000, three individuals were indicted in the District of Delaware on charges of conspiracy, bank fraud, identity theft, Social Security fraud, and wire fraud, for their alleged roles in fraudulently obtaining Social Security numbers and credit card numbers of military officers.

Credit card fraud may involve use of the Internet, just as a Internet fraud will frequently involve the use of credit cards.

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