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Health Care Fraud

Health Care Fraud includes any scheme involving the health care industry that is designed for illegal financial gain. These schemes may include billing for services that were not rendered, inflating the cost of service provided, the deliberate sale of medically unnecessary services, and the payment of "kickbacks."

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Health Care Fraud Defense Considerations

Counterfeiting or forgery charges can arise out of a variety of transactions including the attempted fabrication of currency, falsification of legal documents or contracts, as well as the creation of phony copies of pharmaceutical products, works of art or other valuables like Rolex watches.

Forgery and counterfeiting charges are generally made at the federal level and require a rigorous defense by legal counsel thoroughly familiar with the federal criminal process. Federal crimes carry severe sentencing guidelines with very little flexibility allowed by judges. Prison terms usually do not offer an option parole.

For these reasons, it is critical that you begin your defense as early as possible -- ideally before charges are filed. Your defense counsel should have a proven courtroom track record in federal criminal cases and white collar crimes.

The Chase Law Group has a nationally known federal and white collar defense division that includes some of the most accomplished federal attorneys in the nation. If you are facing any type of forgery, counterfeiting or any other criminal charge or even suspect that you might be under investigation for these charges, call us at any time for a free consultation at (800) 209-4331. Early intervention is critical to obtaining the best result.

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