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Lewd and Lascivious Conduct

Gross, wanton and public indecency that is outlawed by many state statutes. A sexual act that the actor knows will likely be observed by someone who will be affronted or alarmed by it. This charge is given different titles throughout the country including "lewd conduct," "lascivious conduct" and "public indecency." This charge may reach the level of sexual assault if any physical contact is made.

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Lewd & Lascivious Defense Considerations

While this crime is usually a misdemeanor and a comparatively minor charge, a conviction still results in a criminal record and the possibility of lifelong registration as a sex offender. For this reason, all sex crime charges must be taken extremely seriously.

Prosecutors will typically argue that the accused person offender committed certain acts for his or her sexual gratification with the knowledge that they would offend others. The circumstances of the offense, as well as the actual acts and witness testimony can form an important component of the defense.

Defense against this charge should be handled by legal counsel with experience with sex crimes defense. The Chase Law Group has extensive experience both in sex crimes and cybercrimes at the state and federal level.

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