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There are many definitions of pornography, that vary between states. Pornography may include any material, textual or visual, that is solely intended to generate or excite sexual feelings of an "aberrational" nature. Examples of pornographic material typically include depictions of sexual acts. The unsolicited distribution of pornography can lead to criminal charges.

In addition, possession or distribution of child pornography or Internet pornography is a crime in both state and federal courts. Related to pornography is the charge of obscenity which involves images that are intended solely to alarm or offend the recipients.

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Pornography Defense Considerations

The possession and distribution of pornographic material can occasionally carry severe sentences or lead to more serious criminal charges. This is why it is necessary to seriously and aggressively defend yourself against these any other sex crime charges.

There are many considerations in the defense of pornography charges including your knowledge of the material, your intentions to distribute the material and the method by which the material was obtained. One of the most important goals of the defense, besides the dismissal of the charges, is preventing prosecutors from making additional more serious criminal charges against you.

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