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Making a Terrorist Threat

Anthrax hoax and other alleged terrorist threats are classified as wobblers (misdemeanors or felonies), depending on the seriousness of the situation. The U.S. Attorney General is determined not to tolerate any such threats, even and especially when they prove to be little more than pranks. Individuals are being prosecuted around the country under statutes defining the making of criminal threats, which can carry a fine of up to $250,000 and five years in a federal prison.

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Terrorism Defense Considerations

An effective anthrax hoax or "making terrorist threats" defense may lead to probation and a fine, rather than incarceration.

In fact, in December 2001 The Chase Law Group successfully defended a Woodland Hills, California man who was charged with making terrorist threats and causing a false emergency report. The client had intended to play a prank on a colleague, when he left coffee creamer in an envelope on her chair. After the woman panicked, his supervisor summoned emergency workers, police and firemen who arrived at his corporate office and evacuated the building. The man was fired on the spot and served with notice by the prosecutors' office a month later. The Chase Law Group saved this well-meaning systems analyst from years of prison time. Instead, he got off with probation and a manageable fine.

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