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If Under Investigation

If you even suspect that you may be charged with a crime, speak to an attorney now!

Very often before formal charges are filed, there is an investigation. Law enforcement tries to gather as much evidence as possible to build their case against you. This is the pre-file stage of a case. This is when having a good defense attorney can make the most dramatic impact on your case.

This pre-file period can be the most crucial stage of a criminal case. Since you haven't been arrested, you don't have any Miranda Rights. This is when most people fall into law enforcement traps designed to destroy their legal case.

Most people naturally want to defend themselves, and many tend to explain or defend themselves to anyone who will listen -- police officers, the judge at arraignment, investigators or even to by-standers. Resist the temptation to talk!

You need an attorney before you talk to anyone. Getting the right attorney immediately can often prevent charges from being filed in the first place. If charges end up being filed, having the right attorney already on board can ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected.

The Chase Law Group specializes in pre-file cases. We strongly encourage you to call us as soon as you or someone you know may be suspected of a crime or is in any way involved in a criminal investigation.

We can make the difference!

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