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Military Crimes

Some of the "top gun" attorneys working in military defense law are on our team. Don't choose a lawyer who has no idea how a military court works ... choose experience. Call us now at (800) 209-4331 for a quick, professional talk about how our law firm can keep you out of prison.

Facing Military Charges

Facing criminal charges by the military service can be shocking and frightening, especially if you have put your life on the line in service of your country. The federal government has virtually unlimited money and resources to pursue its charges, and the military criminal process can be complex and confusing for both the accused and the defense counsel.

The military criminal process is different from the state and federal processes, and it can carry severe penalties dictated by inflexible sentencing guidelines. It is important that you use a defense team with specific experience and expertise in the military criminal process and proven results in actual military crime cases. The current war on terrorism has created a climate in which anyone facing a military charge requires a highly aggressive and skilled defense team.

How We Can Help

Our military defense division is led by nationally known military and federal attorney Guy Womack. Mr. Womack has achieved impressive results in some of the most high profile military cases. Our team of legal experts and investigators can effectively level the playing field between you and the government.

The best time to get a defense team is when you first learn that you are under investigation. Even if the investigation is centered around someone else, if federal agents or military investigators are talking to you, you need expert counsel.

If charges have not yet been filed, our first goal is to prevent charges from being filed. We have a variety of specific techniques we use to accomplish this. If charges are filed, we use the top trial attorneys in the nation backed by extensive pre-trial preparation to ensure the best possible courtroom results.

We also have extensive experience in post conviction relief. We can work at all levels of the military appeals process to appeal or file writs of military convictions. We also employ strategies to get significant sentencing relief even in those cases when a conviction cannot be overturned.

Your defense team will include experienced trial attorneys and military law experts. They will be supported by an extensive team of support staff, criminologists, investigators and other experts.

If you or someone you know may be facing military charges, do not hesitate to call us at (800) 209-4331 for a free consultation. Early intervention is the critical to obtaining the best results.

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