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Violent Crimes Defense

Our law firm is different from the rest because of our ability to defend those accused of a violent crime. We honestly care about the people who place their trust in us. Please call us now at (800) 209-4331 so we can start preparing your defense. Time is of the essence, so use it wisely. Call us right now.

Facing Violent Crime Charges

A "violent crime" is defined as a behavior by a person against another person or physical property that threatens, attempts or actually causes physical harm. Violent offenses are often motivated by hatred and can result in the most serious punishments of all crime types.

Violent crimes carry with them large bail amounts or sometimes no bail at all. In certain cases, you can be held under these circumstances based on nothing more than a hearsay statement!

Violent crimes range from a simple assault or attempted assault through murder and can carry a wide variety of sentences including death. The high stakes and high emotions involved in violent crime cases demand a careful and well planned defense.

How We Can Help

A case involving accusations of violent crime can be quite complex. Prosecutors will consider physical evidence, your past criminal history, motive, intent, access to weapons, witness testimony, forensic analysis and other circumstantial evidence in building their case.

At The Chase Law Group, we have assembled a team of experts in all of these fields who specialize in the defense of violent crimes. It includes experienced defense attorneys who have worked as federal prosecutors and have inside knowledge of the federal and state criminal process.

Our approach begins with assembling the right defense team. Your team will be led by a top criminal defense attorney with proven experience and a track record of spectacular results in your specific area. Depending on the charge, the team will also include forensic detectives, DNA experts, psychologists, private investigators counsel familiar with your local court. We also work hard on getting your bail lowered or getting you released on your own recognizance.

We then fight charges aggressively. Our extensive pre-trial preparation lets us avoid a rush to plea bargains that could land our clients in prison. Although most cases are settled before trial, we have some of the best trial lawyers in the nation and have had tremendous success in courtrooms around the country.

If you have or someone you know may be facing criminal charges, please do not hesitate to call us at (800) 209-4331 for a free, confidential initial consultation. Early intervention is critical to obtaining the best results.

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