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White Collar Crimes

Defending those accused of white collar criminal charges is where our law firm stands out from the rest. Extensive experience combined with an intimate understanding of white collar legal issues gives you an edge in court, where it counts the most. Call us for a quick chat at (800) 209-4331. We can be of service to you.

Facing White Collar Charges

A "white collar" crime is a class of crimes committed by professionals, business people and public officials that generally involves a deliberate attempt to mislead others. Most white collar crimes involve some form of theft or fraudulent representation for the purpose of obtaining money under misleading circumstances.

Most white collar offenders are ordinary people who for a multitude of reasons make rash or uncharacteristically poor decisions. They see their way out of difficulty through illegal and fraudulent means. Often, a good defense can be found for these situations.

Often, white collar crimes are prosecuted by the federal government. It is critical that your defense team be experienced in the federal court system.

Several key considerations come into play in facing white collar charges.

Financial Damages and Restitution

The penalty for a white collar conviction can include extremely high amounts of restitution that could keep you indebted for the rest of your life. The restitution amounts depend in large part on the prosecution's ability to prove damages. Disproving or mitigating these damages must be a top consideration of your defense team.

Prison Sentencing

Sentencing guidelines can dictate a particular amount of prison time for each count or for each X dollars of damage. Judges often have wide latitude in issuing prison sentences in these crimes. The right defense team can have a dramatic outcome on the amount of prison time you serve or whether you even are sentenced to prison at all.

Professional Reputation

Even if you avoid prison time and severe financial penalties, the conviction on a white collar crime can destroy your professional reputation and career. The mere accusation of misconduct can damage your career. For this reason, white collar accusations should be aggressively defended even when the prosecution's case appears to be flimsy.

How We Can Help

At The Chase Law Group, we have assembled a team of attorneys and financial experts with extensive experience in defending white collar charges. Many members of our team have worked previously as federal investigators and prosecutors. We have a thorough knowledge of both the state and federal criminal process.

The amount of investigative work involved can make white collar cases expensive to defend. Often, the prosecution is counting on the fact that the defendant will not be able to mount an adequate defense of the charges. By using a team of specialists whose cost is spread over a variety of cases, we have been able to dramatically lower this cost and generate spectacular results for our clients.

Navigating the complex maze of laws surrounding alleged white collar crime has become the primary focus of the The Chase Law Group, one of the largest criminal defense firms in the country. In many cases, our attorneys have had white collar charges dismissed entirely or won probation with no jail time for our clients. Even if you are guilty of the accused offense, our defense strategies can result in significantly reduced sentences and save many thousands of dollars in restitution and penalty fees.

If you or someone you know may be facing white collar criminal charges, do not hesitate to call us now at (800) 209-4331. Early intervention is critical to obtaining the best results.

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